Hood College

Hood College is a co-educational liberal arts college serving 2,365 students, 1,359 of whom are undergraduates. Located in Frederick, Maryland, the school lies 50 miles west of Baltimore and northwest of Washington, DC.

Established in 1893 by the Potomac Synod of the Reformed Church of the United States as the Woman’s College of Frederick, the school was officially chartered in 1897 “with the purpose and object of creating and maintaining a college for the promotion and advancement of women, and the cultivation and diffusion of Literature, Science and Art.” The college’s founding was the result of the Potomac Synod’s decision to transition the coeducational Mercersburg College into the all-male Mercersburg Academy and establish a women’s college south of the Mason–Dixon line. In 1913, the institution was renamed Hood College by its Board of Trustees to honor its most generous benefactor, Margaret Scholl Hood, whose land donation allowed the school to move from rented facilities in downtown Frederick to its own campus in the northwest region of the City.

An all-female institution until 1971, the college initially admitted men only as commuters. This continued until 2003, when male students were extended the option of residential status. The influx of new students has led to major changes at the school, including extensive dormitory renovations, and the construction of a new athletic building and a new tennis and aquatic center.

Thanatology, M.A

The Thanatology program offered at the Hood Graduate School in Frederick, Maryland, is one of the few and best in the United States and the only one of this type available in Maryland. Both the certificate and master’s coursework specifically prepares individuals to work with the terminally ill and the bereaved and to provide death education.

Exploring death along the lifespan

Hood’s unique interdisciplinary approach affords a combination of theory, research and practical skills that can be used in a broad range of occupations and organizations. Students examine the interplay among the physical, psychological, interpersonal and spiritual needs of the living and the dying across the lifespan.

Expansion and enrichment

Both the certificate and master’s degree programs increase understanding and proficiency for those working in the funeral industry, hospice, hospitals, nursing homes and other health care environments. They also appeal to graduate students embarking on new careers and to psychologists, social workers, counselors and teachers who want to expand into this area. Content conforms to Association for Death Education and Counseling benchmarks for certification, a credential that can further validate career professionalism and commitment.

Certificate or master’s degree

The 12-credit certificate program is intended for professionals in the thanatology field and those already licensed or certified in human service fields. Many students complete the certificate requirements first, and then pursue the in-depth 39-credit master’s degree program. Evening and weekend classes accommodate working professionals. Hood’s Gerontology certificate program offers a natural complement to thanatology.



• 수강대상 1) FT(Fellow in Thanatology, 싸나톨로지 슈퍼바이저(수련감독)2) Hood College 대학원 싸나톨로지학과 특별과정

• 교육문의임병식 박사 : 010-5769-2727

• 주 교재· Principles of Ethics, Paul W. Taylor· A Theory of Justice, John. Rawls · 실천윤리학, 피터싱어, 연암서가(출판사)

주차별교과과정 주제
1주차실천윤리 : 왜 도덕적으로 행위해야 하는가?
2주차살생 : 수정란과 태아
3주차살생 : 안락사
4주차스피노자의 마음, 정신, 감정의 이해
5주차인지치료기법 (Cognitive Therapy Techmiques)
6주차Emotional Therapy with Neuro-feedback
7주차감정치유프로그램 실습
(Brain-Neuro-physlologic Type Emotional Control)
8주차감정치유프로그램 실습
(Brain-Neuro-physlologic Type Emotional Control)

전체 교육 과정

기초 과정 (Foundation Courses) – 12 credits

THAN 510 싸나톨로지 전문직 소개 (Professional Orientation to Thanatology) 3

THAN 520 싸나톨로지 입문 (Introduction to Thanatology) 3

PSY 501 성격 이론 (Theories of Personality) 3

PSY 508 상담과 조력 기술 입문 (Introduction to Counseling and Helping Skills) 3

핵심 과정 (Core Courses) – 12 credits 

THAN 521 애도와 유족 상담의 원칙 (Mourning and Principles of Counseling the Bereaved) 3

THAN 523 임종과 임종 돌봄 (Dying and Care of the Dying) 3

THAN 528 싸나톨로지에서의 발달적 관점 (Developmental Perspectives in Thanatology) 3

THAN 529 싸나톨로지에서의 역사적/다문화적 관점 (Historical and Multicultural Perspectives in Thanatology) 3

추가 요구 (Additional Requirements) – 9 credits 

PSY 511 상담 이론과 원칙 – 필수 (Theories and Principles of Counseling – required) 3

아래에서 6학점을 선택 Six credits selected from the following: THAN 524 호스피스 : 원리와 실천 (Hospice: Principles and Practices) 3 

THAN 527 싸나톨로지에서 아프리카계 미국인의 관점 (African American Perspectives in Thanatology) 3 

THAN 525 세미나 (Seminars in Thanatology – one credit courses) 1 THAN 530 실습 (Practicum in Thanatology) 3 

THAN 595 독립 연구 프로젝트 (Independent Research Project) 3

선택과목(Electives) – 6 credits

GERO 554 노인사회학 (Social Gerontology) 3 

GERO 555 노화의 심리적 측면(Psychological Aspects of Aging) 3 

GERO 556 건강과 노화 (Health and Aging) 3 

GERO 599 노인학 특론 (Special Topics in Gerontology) 3 

PSY 519 정신약리학 (Psychopharmacology) 3 

PSY 531 이상심리학 (Abnormal Psychology) 3 

PSY 556 행동수정 (Behavior Modification) 3 

THAN 524 호스피스 : 원리와 실천 (Hospice: Principles and Practices) 3 

THAN 527 싸나톨로지에서 아프리카계 미국인의 관점 (African American Perspectives in Thanatology) 3